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Hey fellow Cypriot developers :)

If you are like me, you'd think that MacOS is an indispensable tool for web development. Today I changed my mind and I now think there is a breakout path from expensive Apple hardware with limited support in Cyprus.

Over the weekend, I managed to port my entire web development stack from MacOS to a standard Windows 10 machine. How? The magic of WSL2.

WSL2 offers a no compromises, full linux kernel running in a tiny container on top of Windows. I was able to spin up a full development stack using WSL2, Docker, Docker Compose, VSCode, and the VSCode Remote Development extension.

Check out how this looks and feels like in this video: v=A0eqZujVfYU&t=2m40s&ab_channel=ScottHanselman

This is a huge potential cost saving if you have been thinking about abandoning Apple products but you didn't have any viable alternatives for web development. The machine I ported my stack on top is this MONSTER of a Mini PC: _b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 offering the latest 10th Gen CPU, 1TB SSD and 32GB DDR4 memory, which performs so much better than my MacBook Pro, but it costed me half the amount to buy.

I don't know about you, but I'm seriously impressed by WSL2.

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