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Wed Jun 10 2020 at 3:45 PM

Meetup: Public Speaking For Programmers

This meetup will be live-streamed then uploaded as individual sessions to

We'll watch 3 lightning talks and then have a networking/mingle/panel discussion via Zoom.
We'll invite you to the Zoom call with the speakers and other attendees if you REGISTER <-- spaces are limited, so register soon.

17:45 - "doors open" - We'll start the live-stream and warm up
18:00 - Leon Stigter, Cloud Developer Advocate at VMware - Every talk has to be unique, right?
18:20 - Heidi Waterhouse, Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly - Speaker bio: I am having an existential crisis
18:40 - Ciro Continisio, Developer Advocate at Unity Technologies - Building Curiosity: Making feature demos actually interesting
19:00 - The panel discussion.
  • You're welcome to join the speakers and other attendees in the Zoom call <-- spaces are limited. Register soon!

Check out videos from the previous meetups at
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