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Access Policy at the Network Layer: Using Open Policy Agent with Traefik





In any microservices-based application, controlling access specific functions, services, and data is a must-have requirement. While policy can be handled at the individual service level with code or a sidecar, as the number of microservices grows, it becomes more difficult to manage how the policy is applied to each individual service. In addition, how the policy is applied, or even if it is used at all, is very dependent on the project teams implementing the microservice.

A cleaner, more manageable method is to implement access policy at the network level with IngressRouters and Middlewares. This also separates the policy code from the application, moving policy to the network routing. In this presentation, we will demo what I've done using simple code, Traefik, and Open Policy Agent as an example of how to accomplish this.

Speaker: Paul Curtis, Principal Solutions Architect at Weaveworks


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