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COVID-19 Special - Ben Foxall & Mike Smith - A new web

Hey Everybody! We're continuing to take advantage of our events being remote and asking speakers from outside of Bristol to give talks. This June we're super excited to have Ben Foxall and Mike Smith giving complimentary talks.

As with our recent events we're keeping the best bits of what make our events special, our community. Before and after the talk you'll be invited to join a breakout rooms of up to 15 people to have a bit of a social catchup with friends, colleagues and peers.

ℹ️ The Zoom link will become available in the countdown bar on this page 30 min before the start

18:00 - Join us for a chat in the breakout rooms. Feel free to bring food... I will 🍕.
18:30 - Talk #1 - Ben Foxall - Building a new web
19:10 - Talk #2 - Mike Smith - Testing the new web
19:50 - Wrap-up 
Talk #1

Building a new web

If you’re building a web service for a frontend application to consume, chances are, you’ll create a restful endpoint that exposes your content as JSON.  And, for a number of reasons, that’s a really great shout.

However there are alternatives available! In this talk, we’ll chat about one of these alternatives; Protocol Buffers and gRPC.

We’ll look at the technical and architectural properties by going through a series of examples of how this differs from more traditional approaches.  I’ll also cover some practical aspects of tooling and setup required.

I’ll then show how we can apply this architecture to peer-to-peer interfaces, allowing us to create new ways of interacting with the web.

Talk #2

Testing the new web

There's never been a better time to write tests for the web. With so many tools out there, tests for our applications can now be developed more easily and more comprehensively than ever before.

However, the web is always moving forwards! Recently we've seen the adoption of peer-to-peer services, virtual reality, 3D graphics and more - all changing the way we interact online. Is it possible for us to test these new features, as successfully as we can test the old?

Through a number of examples we will explore how we can write tests for even the most challenging of these new technologies. 

We will then see that revisiting traditional approaches to testing can allow us to achieve the confidence we need in our testing, no matter how advanced our applications may be.


Gicela Morales

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