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July 2019





Runway East Bristol
1 Victoria Street, Bristol, England BS1 6QP
Talk #1

Modelling Dependencies via Generative Properties

"Don’t write tests… generate them!" - John Hughes Property testing is a powerful and fun way to test your code that builds upon and complements unit testing. It finds those obscure, fiddly edge-cases for you whilst automatically simplifying complicated scenarios… and all it requires is thinking hard about the kind of inputs and outputs your code might have to deal with. In this talk I’ll introduce property testing in general and then describe a technique using it to simulate your software’s dependencies (such as network requests or databases) to help make your code more robust in the face of uncertainty.

William Heslam

Talk #2

Animations in React Native

Let’s make some pixels move! A run through of three ways to animate stuff in React Native. I’ll cover three different libraries, their use cases, performance characteristics and a bit of the meta "why do we animate?" Expect live demos, code samples and plenty of hand-waving explanations!

Tom Hicks


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