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November 2018





Runway East Bristol
1 Victoria Street, Bristol, England BS1 6QP
Talk #1

Iteratively Improve Your Code with Typescript

TypeScript is a language that extends JavaScript to support static typing. It complements the open, malleable design principles of JavaScript, while catching bugs and improving code understandability. In this talk, you'll learn how to use TypeScript in your existing project and how you can iteratively improve your code with stronger typing.

Pete West

Talk #2

The Web API

The web API has been a vital part of the JavaScript ecosystem for quite some time now, giving us AJAX, window timers and more. With the rise of progressive web apps, the web API's functionality is increasing like never before. To compete with native applications, the web API has some fantastic and powerful new features, with some awesome, and scary results. During this talk we will explore some of the newer web API features, how to use them and more importantly, the risks that they pose.

Mike Oram

Talk #3

Measuring Performance with Server Timing

The Server Timing header provides a discrete and convenient way to communicate backend server performance timings to developer tools in the browser. Adding timing information to your application enables you to monitor back-end and front-end performance all in one place.

Drew McLellan


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