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November 2020 - Gatsby JS with & NodeRED

Join us at 17:30 GMT @

Hey Everybody!  This November we're super excited to have Obinna Ekwuno give a talk on GatsbyJS and Julia on NodeRED.

As with our recent events we're keeping the best bits of what make our events special, our community. Before and after the talk you'll be invited to join breakout rooms of up to 15 people to have a bit of a social catchup with friends, colleagues and peers.

ℹ️ The Zoom link will become available in the countdown bar on this page 30 min before the start

17:30 - Join us for a chat in the breakout rooms
18:00 - Talk #1 - Obinna Ekwuno - Building a Static Site with Gatsby JS and
18:45 - Talk #2 - Julia Biro - Introduction to Low-Code with NodeRED
19:30 - Wrap-up 
Talk #1

Building a Static Site with Gatsby JS and

Headless CMSs and static sites are all the rage in the JAMstack. Have you ever wondered how to combine Gatsby with a headless CMS like In this video, Obinna will look at creating a static site with Gatsby JS and

by Obinna Ekwuno - Developer Advocate agt GatsbyJS

Twitter - @obinnaspeaks

Obinna Ekwuno

Talk #2

Introduction to Low-Code with NodeRED

Developers no longer have the monopoly on making computers do their bidding. The rise of low-code solutions and visual builder tools is empowering a whole generation of new developers to bring their ideas to life with only a little coding knowledge.

Far from putting us out of a job, these tools could be useful to us as well! In this session, I will introduce you to NodeRED, a JavaScript-based open-source low-code tool. We'll look at the basics of getting started, the tasks NodeRED is really good at, and how you can extend the NodeRED platform. 

Come along and decide if a low-code tool deserves a space in your high-code toolbox! 


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