Future Sync 2020

Why does it takes so long turn ideas into live digital products?

While hand-sketching is still the most common method used by design and product teams for brainstorming when working on a new website or a mobile app, it still takes hours and often days to turns these rough ideas into functional prototypes. In the meantime, AI is already transforming entire industries and the technology is now becoming mature enough to be actionable in the real world. In this talk, we will share how Machine Intelligence can be used to automatically transform hand-drawn sketches into interactive prototypes and considerably speed up the product design workflow.

Radoslav was born in Slovakia but has been living in Denmark since 2015. He is the Co-Organizer of Startup Weekend in Copenhagen, and a heavy metal enthusiast who most of all enjoys building products that can make an impact. He also enjoys capturing details through the camera lens, and when the weather allows it - you will find him on the road riding his motorbike.

Radoslav Bali

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