March 2018

Using React.js to Extend your CSM

The range of CMSs available gives us a huge amount of variety with the possible ways to architect and build content-driven websites. However, even though most platforms support custom templating and theming, they aren't necessarily the best tools for delivering a modern front-end experience. Sometimes we want the front-end of our websites to do things that CMSs aren’t designed to do. So what if, instead, we used the best technologies for the task: taking the data-store backend of the CMS, and plugging it into a flexible, decoupled frontend? This talk will focus on how JS frameworks or libraries, such as React.js, can be bolted onto headless CMSs to provide the immersive experience that we want our apps and websites to have, without needing to compromise on the complexity of the data structure on the backend. Using React.js and Drupal 8 as an example, we’ll take a look at a project currently in development where both technologies have been combined, and explore how it works, why it works and what you need to think about when trying this for yourself.

Nicola Richardson

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Ladies That UX Bristol

Thu Sep 24 2020 at 5:30 PM

Where to do with all the research

👉🏽 Repositories (aka repos). 👈🏽 As UX-ers we sometimes struggle to get enough research done in the first place so it's great when we finally get the research ball rolling and start accumulating eye-opening insight but... what do we do with it all? Survey results, usability test findings and discovery research interviews... where should it all go? How do we make sure knowledge keeps being seen and built upon rather than be put in a dusty report to never be surfaced again?

Jane Hostler (a well versed member of our group!) faced this problem in her work and will be sharing her experiences with us. 🌈

Here's a bit more:

Jane is a User Experience Designer who’s worked in the digital industry for the last 20 years. Primarily working as a UI designer on websites (plus some brief dabbling with front end development back when it was all tables), she landed a new job two years ago that brought the chance to gain product design and research experience and everything that comes with it. Like, what do you do with all that stuff!?

She’ll be giving a quick whistle stop tour of how Airtable has helped her to pull together the feedback and insights she uncovers in this role, and looking at the pros and the cons of Airtable as a research repository.

We're all invited to actively participate in what will definitely be a very interesting conversation and chip in with our own experiences of dealing with insight stacks.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Feel free to BYOB and food, light candles, anything goes! Details for how to join will be provided nearer the time. Please RSVP and feel free to share or invite others. We're @LadiesThatUXBRS on twitter.

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