Future Sync 2020

Why Great UX Means Better Business

Great user experience is no longer a competitive advantage but a necessity; something that we and users alike expect and demand in 2020.

This talk will introduce you to Design Thinking, User Centred Design, Usability and User Experience as strategic assets in your business, regardless of your background and industry. You will learn how to build a strong team championing your product, how User Experience Design can improve your financial performance and how to start implementing it now.

Paula has been designing and building successful websites, web and eventually mobile apps for the past 20 years. With a background in programming and a passion for psychology, she quickly transitioned through all stages of project development towards UX Design and Product Management. Paula has been a UX advocate ever since.

Accumulating all of this experience and practice, Paula is currently volunteering as a UX Strategist to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Paula Kaminska

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