Future Sync 2019

Exoplanet Explorer: an Immersive Experience Beyond Reach

Julia Le Gallo is a Business Development and Marketing Manager at Engine House, an award-winning animation studio based in Redruth, Cornwall. Julia is Engine House's first point of contact for developing animation projects with their clients. She is also the driving force behind the company's direction, looking at ways to diversify their activities and let their creativity thrive in the best possible way.

Julia will talk about Exoplanet Explorers project and the challenges they faced designing the experiences, mainly finding the right software, techniques and making the visuals scientifically accurate. Julia will explain how translating scientific data into a visual immersive experience can be a powerful and inspiring outreach tool, and how designing high-end immersive projects like Exoplanet Explorers can provide limitless possibilities for visual and emotional experiences.

Julia Le Gallo

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