BathCamp is a free event for anyone interested in technology, from hardware to software through to the business and design side of things. It is held every other month in central Bath at the Guild Co-working space. For each event we pick a topic (e.g. the Internet of Things, the technology of entertainment, technology in education, AI), and invite three to four speakers to give talks on related subjects. We aim to make every event varied, interesting, educational and hopefully entertaining. BathCamp has been going in one form or another since 2008, but I (Paul Leader ( have recently taken over running it, so I'm very interested to hear any ideas you might have, both for the format or for topics we should cover. Got an Idea? We are always looking for ideas, for both themes for the evening and for individual talks. If you have an idea of a theme, a talk you'd like to give, or a talk you'd like to hear someone else give, please leave a message in the discussion area so we can chew it over. Lightening Talks We'd like to have a few lightening talks (no more than 5 minutes) at each BathCamp. If you have an idea for a talk or demo you'd like to do let us know in the discussion area. Helping Out We are always looking for people to help out, whether it's sorting things out on the night or curating an evening. If you fancy lending a hand, send me a message to let me know. Sponsors Storm ( are kindly sponsoring us to cover the fees for The Guild and for the beers, but we are looking for one or two more to split the cost (and make sure there is always enough beer). If you are a local tech business who would like to chip in, please send us a message.

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